Blue Moon Boys
-Johnny Lighter-

Never ones to sit still for long, Fort Wayne's favorite rockabilly band, The Blue Moon Boys, have released Johnny Lighter ep to tease their fans of the things to come on their forthcoming album The Mud, The Blood & The Beer. This time around the band consists of Nic Roulette on vocals, Kenny Taylor on guitar, Jamie Simon on snare and kick drum, and Patrick Borton with the always classy 1940s Kay bass on the first track and J.C. Sparkman taking the low-end on the remaining songs.

Throwing the rule book out the window, this e.p. clocks in at 45 minutes. The title track contains more guest musicians than there are members in the regular band, plus it contains TWO bass solos! From the wailing harmonica to electrifying guitar solos to the ignitable energy emanating from their charismatic souls, if this track is any indication of what's to come on the new album, Fort Wayne (and the mid-west in general) had better dust off their dancin' shoes. The second, "Little Black Book", track bears the influence of early Beatles, or perhaps both The Beatles and BMB are drawing from the same well. Regardless, this tasty track, along with the studio recording of the concert favorite "Toss, Turn & Roll", is available only on this e.p.

The final track is a live recording of their September 2000 show at the Embassy Theatre, opening with "Toss, Turn & Roll", ending with a fiery version of "Roll Over Beethoven" and including a bevy of BMB favorites in between. This "bonus" track, at thirty-five minute long, captures much of the energy and spirit that makes the Blue Moon Boys such a great live draw.

Like their forthcoming album, this e.p. was recorded at Temple Recording Studios (plus four other studios sprinkled throughout the south) and is available at live shows and through their web site at

This review first appeared in WhatzUp, August 2002.