Treated 'N' Released
-Caught In The Act-

In 1996 Rochester-based Treated 'N' Released treated the area to Look But Don't Touch, a collection of sizzling blues tunes. In the six years since then the members have continued to perfect their trade by playing their "rock'n blues" shows around the state to appreciative audiences. The band includes Jim Eikenberry on vocals, harmonica and (although not stated in the CD I hear two guitars at times and since this is a live album with, I assume, no overdubs and everyone else's hands are full and I could find no information on the web my best guess is that he also plays…) rhythm guitar, Greg Peter on bass, Dave Delp on lead and rhythm guitar, and Gary Enyart on drums.

Recorded live at The Slippery Noodle in Indianapolis by D. Lozow Recording, Caught In The Act contains fourteen tracks including four originals and ten covers that range from classic bluesmen like T-Bone Walker and Robert Johnson to the likes of Gary Moore and Van Morrison. At seventy-two minutes, Treated 'N' Released wanted to make sure you get your moneys worth.

The album kicks off with "Give It Up", a T-N-R original rock blues song with a great guitar solo. Other original songs include "Leroy Boogie", a rollicking southern rock song, and the closing track "Break Tune" which is a good old-fashions jam song, giving the guitar and harp room to strut their stuff. The bands cover of Al Boyd's "Shakey Ground" starts with a guitar riff that bears an amazing likeness to one in "Last Child" from Aerosmith's classic Rocks album, but it soon changes to a harp-heavy, funky jam song. While "Red House" is a Jimi Hendrix tune, Treated 'N' Released give it a dirty blues makeover before unleashing it upon the public. Knowing that a blues album without a drinking song is like a monster truck with no wheels, the band graciously includes "I Ain't Drunk." At nearly six minutes in length this classic bar song provides the listener plenty of time to down a few cold ones.

For a live release the sound is quite good. The instruments are nicely captured and just the right amount of crowd noise is included at all times to make the at-home listener feel a part of the festivities. For more information or to purchase this album call (574)224-4935 or (574)223-8254.

This review first appeared in WhatzUp, May 2002.